Greetings From Euterra

“Coming upon a diamond one realizes that discovering them is not a matter of the abundance of diamonds; it has to do instead with that to which one pays attention. Having properly directed one’s attention, diamonds appear everywhere—and rubies and sapphires and pearls…”

The Book of Practice

I am Nota Dorne. I bring greetings from Euterra in the 277th year of the Euterran Age (E.A.), about the year 2295 C.E. by your reckoning. I am a Telder (a teaching elder) of the Foundation Arts, T’ai-yo and Tarshin. I am a Lightminder.

I can speak with you from your future through what you used to call a ‘blog’ because of a  reversible symmetry in space-time. The details of how this happens are tedious to describe. Suffice it that Euterrans cannot travel in time, as you used to imagine it, but we can communicate as if time didn’t exist.

We are the cause from your future of an effect that will profoundly shape your history—an effect that is felt already in your time. All that is required of you is that you remember it and take it to heart. Way will open for you from within the darkness that surrounds you if you look for it.

I am speaking with you now to extend greetings and friendship from our time to yours. Others will speak with you too as our conversation evolves. Be well. Be diligent in your Practice.